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Category: Pest Guides

In our pest guide section you will be able to find useful articles for pest prevention and actionable tips on how to deal with pest in case of an infestation.
Termites in natural environment
Types of Termites: An All-Inclusive Guide

From the stealthy subterranean termites that undermine foundations to the elusive...

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Centipede in natural environment
Centipedes: Everything You Need To Know

Centipedes are many people’s worst nightmare; while they do not generally pose...

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What Do Mice Eat?

Whether you are baiting a mousetrap or trying to prevent mice by hiding their...

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stink bug at home
Kissing Bugs VS Stink Bugs: What’s The Difference?

Kissing bugs and stink bugs are often mistaken for one another due to their similar...

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A Complete Guide to Ticks in New Jersey

Ticks are among the worst pests in terms of disease transmission. Keep your family...

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Mouse Infestations: An All-Inclusive Guide

Mice are a tough adversary; once one mouse finds its way onto your property, many...

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Black Carpenter Ants VS Black Ants: How Are They Different?

Did you know there are more than 12,000 species of ants? With ants being such...

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Preventing Stink Bugs

Appropriately named, stink bugs are one of the worst-smelling pests around. Whenever...

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cleaning window
Why you should be taking preventative pest control measures

It is vital that you properly maintain your home, creating well-organized spaces...

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Twin-Boro’s Guide For Clothes Moth Prevention

Clothes moths have been ruining people’s favorite sweaters for centuries. Even...

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