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Category: Pest Guides

In our pest guide section you will be able to find useful articles for pest prevention and actionable tips on how to deal with pest in case of an infestation.
Carpenter Ants VS Black Ants: How Are They Different?

Did you know there are more than 12,000 species of ants? With ants being such...

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Carpet Beetles: What To Look For and How To Prevent Them

Though carpet beetles are a mere nuisance pest, the damage they cause can be devastating;...

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spotted lanternfly on tree branch
Identifying and Removing Spotted Lanternfly Eggs: A Guide

Spotted lanternflies (SLF) are one of the most prominent invasive species in the...

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Mice VS Rats: How Are They Different?

Signs of rodent activity are never pleasant to find, but in order to eradicate...

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little brown mouse
Guide to Identifying Rodents

Rodents can quickly damage property and spread disease or bacteria throughout...

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4 signs you may have Bed Bugs

Many people believed bed bugs to be a myth, but these bugs have been around for...

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Guide to Identifying Cockroaches

Cockroaches are common across New Jersey as they thrive in moisture and heat –...

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Guide to identifying flies

There are over 120 000 species of flies across the world with around 18 000 found...

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Identifying and preventing mosquito infestations

There is something magical about spring and summer evenings. It’s the perfect...

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How to prevent raccoons from entering your home

Raccoons may look like cute little masked critters however, they are aggressive...

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