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Category: Pest Identification Guides

Our guides will help you confidently identify different type of pests and understand whether you have a pests infestation or not. Whether is understanding bug types, Termites vs Carpenter Ants or Bees vs Wasps we got you covered.
Tick on the floor
Preparing For Tick Season: How Warmer Winters Are Affecting Tick Populations

Warmer temperatures are reshaping New Jersey’s winters, influencing the...

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carpenter ants in natural environment
Carpenter Ants VS Termites: Differentiating Between Wood-Destroying Pests

Carpenter ants and termites are two of the most destructive pests in the insect...

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Red mite in natural enviroment
New Jersey’s Complete Guide To Clover Mites

You’ve probably seen a clover mite or two at one point or another; they’re...

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Springtails: What They Look Like and How To Prevent Them

Springtails- they may be a nuisance when their populations boom, but fortunately,...

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human's hands checking on dog's feet
What Fleas Look Like and How To Identify Them

Fleas are a rather unique kind of parasitic insect that can be both a severe nuisance...

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House in the forest with water pond
Water Bugs: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve ever been bitten by a water bug, you know that they are definitely...

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mosquito biting human skin
Bed Bug Bites VS Mosquito Bites: What’s The Difference?

Bug bites can be hard to identify because unfortunately, they all tend to look...

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Carpenter Bees VS Bumblebees: What’s The Difference?

Carpenter bees and bumblebees are mistaken for each other quite often due to their...

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Black Carpenter Ants VS Black Ants: How Are They Different?

Did you know there are more than 12,000 species of ants? With ants being such...

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Carpet Beetles: What To Look For and How To Prevent Them

Though carpet beetles are a mere nuisance pest, the damage they cause can be devastating;...

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