4 Types Of Ant Infestations To Watch Out For In New Jersey

August 23, 2022
Ant infestations are a common problem all over the country, especially during the summer months. Although most ant species are harmless, the tiny critters can contaminate your food once they’ve made themselves comfortable in your kitchen.   There are many ways you can prevent any ant infestations from happening this summer. But it’s essential to identify the type of ant first so that you know how to go about it. Take a look at the four most common types of ant infestations in New Jersey:  

Fire Ants 

  Fire ants are the type of ants you really don’t want to see in your home. These ants have aggressive tendencies and are one of the few species of ant that will sting if they perceive you as a threat. This can make them a bit trickier to get rid of, so it’s best to have your home free of anything that might tempt this ant into infesting your space.    Like most ants, fire ants are attracted to sugary, meaty, and greasy foods. This doesn’t mean you can't have these foods in your kitchen, but you should always keep them in a contained space like in your fridge or in an air-tight container. Keeping your kitchen grease and crumb-free will also contribute to avoiding pests like the fire ant. Once you’ve cooked or made a sandwich, always wipe down your counters and pack away any dishes, cutlery or other implements and ingredients.   Although fire ants are common pests, they are also carnivorous and will feed on pests such as spiders and other insects. The cleaner you keep your home, the less chance you’ll have of attracting any pests – fire ants of their food.   Fire ants are known to have large colonies with more than one queen, which is what makes them so hard to get rid of. They are known to build their nests in the ground which is how they thrive as a larger colony.   ants in natural environment

Sugar Ants

  Similar to the fire ant, sugar ants live up to their names as they love all things sweet. This is probably the ant you find sneaking into your honey or your sugar jar.   If you think you have a sugar ant infestation, remember to properly store your confectionaries. Otherwise, the next time you reach for them you might be unpleasantly surprised as the ants will have gotten there first.   

Carpenter Ants 

  The biggest ants you’re likely to find in your New Jersey home are carpenter ants. They are also the most destructive, as you’ve probably assumed by the name. Once you discover a carpenter ant infestation the damage will have already been done. They tend to make their nests by chipping into the wooden structure of your home, which can cause irreparable damage to the structure of your house.    If you suspect that you have a carpenter ant infestation, you need to call a professional immediately. The bigger the nest, the more resilient these ants will be to at-home repellents. Only a pest expert like Twin-Boro will be able to ensure their nests have been properly exterminated, which will save you time and money.    ants on watermelon

Pavement Ants

  Pavement ants are common in areas surrounding the home, specifically the pavement. They are just as attracted to sweet and greasy food, much like your other common ants. Pavement ants usually aren’t too bothersome, but they will migrate if they can’t find food. This may lead them to the nearest home they can find, which can cause an infestation.   Although there's not much you can do if you notice ants on the pavements surrounding your home, you can ensure your home is not the closest source of food for these pests. Ants rely on their chemosensors to detect any sugar nearby. So, if your food is properly stored you won't need to worry about these ants invading your home.    Litter can be one of the worst causes of pavement ants and you’ll notice an entire colony of ants building up in an area where waste has not been properly dispensed. A unique attribute of pavement ants is that they are extremely territorial. Pavement ant colonies will often fight with one another to establish dominance over an area. They will continue this fight until one colony wins. Pavement ants have been known to fight mostly during the warmer months, which is also when any trash with food in it spoils faster, creating a smell that attracts these pests. ants  Although it may not affect your home directly, a pavement ant infestation isn’t a pretty sight. Therefore, the best way to ensure these colonies aren’t attracted to your neighborhood is by properly dispensing food waste. Talk to neighbors to ensure they are doing the same thing and you won’t have as much of a problem.    We have become so accustomed to ants that we might not even notice there is a problem in our homes before it's too late. The best way to avoid an infestation is by preventing and properly preparing yourself for the warmer months.  

Eradicate An Ant Infestation

  There is nothing ants love more than warm weather and exposed food sources. If following proper hygiene has failed, always resort to asking a professional about a problem.   Now that you know the different types of ants, you know that there will be different methods to exterminate them - which is something only a professional will be able to assist you with. If ants are plaguing your New Jersey home, talk to Twin-Boro about how you can get rid of them.