Effective Commercial Pest Control Solutions For Your Business Needs

August 21, 2023
Running a business is difficult enough without having to worry about pests. Twin-Boro’s Commercial Pest Control plans will keep pests out of your establishment for good, giving you one less thing to worry about. Want to know more about our commercial services? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn all about Twin-Boro’s Commercial Pest Control offers. 

Protecting Your Business Going Forward

Commercial pest control is designed to shield every part of your business against pests, protecting your employees and patrons alike. At Twin-Boro, we practice Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. IPM employs scientific knowledge of each pest’s behavior, anatomy, and habitat to directly target the source of an infestation. Other pest control methods are less targeted and do very little to avoid repeat infestations. What’s more, they tend to lean on the use of harmful pesticides. IPM allows us to effectively eliminate pests while preventing recurring infestations. Additionally, IPM limits the use of pesticides, which makes it a safer and more environmentally sound form of pest control. 

A Plan In Place To Take Care Of Your Business

No matter what industry you serve, Twin-Boro has a Commercial Pest Control Plan to fit your business’s needs.  Food Service & Restaurant Pest Control By nature, the food service industry is particularly prone to pest infestations. Between busy kitchens, stocked pantries, and packed dining areas, pests are more than happy to invade a food service location given the opportunity. Eliminate all invasion opportunities with a Food Service & Restaurant Pest Control plan.  Property Management Pest Control As a property manager, you are responsible for providing your tenants with a pest-free rental space. Protect every one of your rental properties with our Property Management Pest Control services.  Hotels & Hospitality Pest Control With countless guests coming and going, it can be difficult to avoid pest infestations in the hospitality industry. Ensure all of your guests enjoy a comfortable, pest-free stay with a Hotel & Hospitality Pest Control service plan.  Retail Stores Pest Control Customers browse your merchandise all day, leaving it vulnerable to pests. Keep your merchandise safe and provide your customers with a pleasant shopping experience with a Pest Control plan for Retail Stores.  Industrial Warehouses Pest Control The vast, undisturbed spaces and plentiful merchandise inside industrial warehouses are very enticing to pests. No matter what products are stored in your warehouse, they will be safe from pests with an Industrial Warehouse Pest Control treatment plan.  Schools & Universities Pest Control Schools and universities offer a number of spaces that naturally attract pests like dormitories, cafeterias, and classrooms stocked with paper products. What’s more, pests will hitch a ride with students and faculty as they move around campus, allowing infestations to spread quickly. Protect all areas of your campus with a Pest Control plan for Schools & Universities.  Office Buildings Pest Control Office buildings are filled to the brim with employees who bring in lunches, snacks, and office supplies, all of which attract pests. Not to mention the fact that multi-unit properties like office buildings are more vulnerable to certain kinds of infestations than single units. Once one unit is infested, pests will quickly find their way into other units creating an unsafe work environment. Keep the employees in every office unit safe with an Office Building Pest Control plan.  Kitchen in the restaurant with chef cooking

A Few of The Pests We Cover

Ants Bed Bugs Bees Beetles Carpenter Ants Carpenter Bees Centipedes Cockroaches Fleas Mosquitoes Termites Ticks Wasps

Why It Is Important To Have Commercial Pest Control

Pests are extremely detrimental to any business. Not only do they endanger the health and safety of employees and patrons, they also ruin merchandise, cause expensive damages, and create an unpleasant environment overall. You work hard to maintain a stellar reputation in the industry you serve, and pests can ruin that reputation in an instant. Commercial pest control protects every aspect of your business from pests, including merchandise, employees, and even the building itself. Each commercial pest control plan that Twin-Boro offers can be customized to suit the needs of your unique business, accounting for business hours, property type, and more. 


Why is professional pest control important? For many, the first thought when pests show up is DIY pest control. For business owners, though, DIY pest control is ill-advised. Not only is it typically ineffective, it is also illegal in most cases. According to the EPA, someone who is not commercially certified to apply pesticides may not do so outside of their own dwelling. Additionally, DIY methods can be dangerous, especially if they are not applied correctly. Such methods can end up putting your employees and patrons at more risk than an infestation alone, and they generally do nothing to eliminate the cause of an infestation. A pest control professional, on the other hand, is able to fully eradicate infestations from the source without causing potential harm to employees and patrons.  How often should pest control be done? The frequency of pest control treatments depends on several elements, including business type, location, and potential risk factors. Generally, businesses should receive monthly or bimonthly treatments since they are at a higher risk for infestations than residential properties.  How much does professional pest control cost? Similar to frequency of visits, the cost of pest control varies depending on business type, location, property size, and potential risk factors. The experts at Twin-Boro will evaluate your business’s property to give you a fair estimate based on these factors before customizing your pest control plan accordingly.  What if new pests arrive on my property? If Twin-Boro has already treated your business for a certain pest and the same pest shows up again, we will provide additional treatments at no cost to you. If brand new pests show up, call our office and we will work with you to revise your treatment plan to include extermination of the new pest. No matter what pest problems pop up at your place of business, Twin-Boro has your back.  Are Twin-Boro’s services guaranteed? All of our commercial service plans are guaranteed, which means that if the pests return, so will we. If you find signs of pest activity between your monthly or bimonthly visits, we will send a technician to take care of the problem at no additional cost to you. All exterminations of wood destroying pests, like termites and carpenter ants, have a one-year warranty which is transferable to the new owner should you sell your business.  How do I get started with a pest control plan? If you’re ready to get started building a custom commercial pest control plan, the first step is scheduling a free inspection. Contact our office today to speak with one of our experts!