Summer Pest Control: How To Keep Your House Pest-Free In Summer

July 5, 2022
When the sun’s out, pests come to play. Along with hot lazy days and outdoor activities come unwanted visitors who’re also enjoying the warmer weather. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that’ll ruin your summer faster than a nasty bug bite or pest infestation. Fortunately, we’ve got some excellent tips that you can use to protect your home against an invasion of mosquitoes, rodents, fleas, and other pests. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Keep Your House Clean

When things get leisurely around the house, it's easy to start dismissing the urgency of chores. However, if you tend to neglect your housekeeping chores in the summer, this may be a major reason why you are finding more pests. Bugs like cockroaches love a messy home. If you leave the dishes to pile up, if you don’t sweep and wipe away crumbs, and if you leave empty cardboard boxes lying around – you will begin to notice pests.  Our trash is a pest’s treasure, so one of the most important ways of making sure you don’t have a problem is by disposing of your trash adequately. Taking the trash out should be a regular habit, no matter how annoying it is. Your outside bins should also be as far away from your house or apartment as possible.

Inspect The Exterior Of Your Home For Any Entry Points

Sometimes, we don’t realize that we’re letting pests into our homes. Leaving windows and doors open or not sealing cracks in our walls or roof creates an open invitation for insects and rodents to come inside. Conduct a thorough inspection of your home and spend some time sealing up or closing off any entry points that you find. Doing so is the best way to ensure that pests aren't living in your walls and accessing spaces inside your home with ease. 

Get Rid Of Any Excess Moisture On Your Property

Open sources of water are a sure way to attract an ecosystem of pests. Any exposed water is a great source for bugs and rodents - either for drinking or breeding. If you have a leaky pipe, a puddle or a pool, pests may be more inclined to come to your property.  The best way to avoid this is by covering or getting rid of any open water sources. Make sure to fix that leaky pipe, don’t leave your pets’ water bowls out, and ensure that your pool or hot tub is covered when not in use. After rainfall, check any receptacles for water and make sure to empty them out. Even kid’s toys left in the rain can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Home interior

Keep Your Garden Neat And Well-Trimmed

Bugs and rodents feel most welcome on a property with lots of vegetation that they can hide behind or in. If you have a bad bug or rodent infestation, it could be because of your overgrown garden.  Long grass, overgrown bushes and vegetable patches are a sure way to attract bugs and rodents. Your best course of action is to keep your lawn mowed and trim back trees, bushes, and shrubbery to make your garden less attractive to pests. This is particularly important close to the house, as you want to ensure that pests are kept far away from doors and windows.

Call In The Professionals

The best way to make sure that your home is completely pest-free is by bringing in a professional pest control company. Twin-Boro can immediately identify areas where you may experience issues and point out entryways or problem areas that may have taken you months to figure out. We can help you to take action and to keep your home pest-free, not just in the summer months, but all year round.  There’s nothing better than not having to worry about mosquito bites, cockroaches, or rats while you enjoy the summer sun!