Are Pest Control Services Worth the Money? Exploring the Value and Benefits

June 28, 2022
Sharing your home with pests is not something anyone wants to do, but they often creep in when least expected, leaving you with a problem on your hands. Proper maintenance can reduce the chances of an infestation of cockroaches, rats or termites, but sometimes you need a helping hand. A pest problem can cause an endless amount of stress, lead to health issues, or even damage your property, costing you thousands in repairs. These are just some of the many reasons why professional pest control services can be a great investment.  Let’s take a closer look. 

Pest Control Services Will Save You Time 

watch When you are not experienced in pest control but you’re trying to save money by dealing with pests yourself, you could end up spending more money. Without the expertise of a professional, you’ll likely be unable to pinpoint problem spots. This can lead to failed attempts, causing you to spend more money on the problem and adding extra stress to the situation.  It’s always more beneficial to let professionals handle such tricky situations. You probably would have had to call them anyway. You’ll be doing yourself a favor in the long run by getting a proper evaluation done before you even attempt to solve the problem yourself. 

Proper Pest Control Is Beneficial For Your Health 

Pests are not only unsightly and unwelcome, but they can also pose a variety of different health problems. Pests can carry diseases and bacteria and easily bring them into your home. Cockroaches are known to exacerbate problems with allergies and asthma. Ticks can give you Lyme disease, and rodents have the ability to carry a host of different diseases.  When you invest in pest control services, you will be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that your house is free of pests and rodents and your family is safe and healthy. That's the kind of guarantee you only get when you have a pest control service you can trust. 

Pest Control Services Reduce The Use Of Pesticides 

potatoes in the field There are many ways people try to control pests, and one of those ways is by buying pesticides from a  local hardware store. However, this solution may only help for a few days. It's common for pests to return to the site despite the use of these poisons. This leads to people overusing very strong chemicals in their homes, and this can be dangerous for you, your children and your pets. Pets especially can be attracted to poison traps laid out for rodents, and often consume them. Many pesticide manufacturers claim that their products are safe for dogs or cats in the event of accidental consumption, but many pet owners have had to find out the hard way that this statement isn’t always true. An integrated pest management (IPM) program is the safest and most effective way to rid your home and your surrounding property of unwanted pests. This solution will greatly reduce the amount of pesticide needed for your pest problem as baiting, trapping and monitoring methods are used before pesticides are introduced. Having an exterior barrier around your home is the solution for prevention, but it needs to be re-established every 60 to 90 days to keep it active. This will have to be done by a professional, and Twn-Boro can help. 

Twin-Boro’s Home Protection Plan Offers Year-Round Pest Control

When you choose Twin Boro, you will never have to pay for additional home pest control services. When you notice a pest problem in between services, a technician from Twin Boro will be sent out without any additional charge.  You won’t get kept up at night by the sound of scurrying rats or by being bitten by bugs and mosquitos. Pests can cause plenty of anxiety in the home, and Twin Boro can easily alleviate that problem with their expertise. Save yourself the added stress of buying products that probably won’t work and can be harmful to your pets and family, and let the professionals do their job.  Pest control is a lot trickier than people think, and there often isn’t a one-off solution. Effective pest control is when a solution is customized to your unique problem; something a technician can only do when they fully assess your property.  Getting advice at your local hardware store will unfortunately not cut it. It’s best to consult a proper pest control service so that you can eradicate pests for good. Save yourself money, time, stress and exposure to harmful pesticides and chat to Twin-Boro. We’re here to help all year round.