4 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away

September 5, 2022

When springtime is near, it’s a cause for celebration. But while there are many positives about the season, there are a few problems that this time of the year brings too. As the weather warms up, mosquitoes become more active and make their annoying presence felt.

It often seems impossible to keep mosquitoes at bay during the warmer months, especially when many people want to spend their time outdoors. Thankfully, there are a few strategies and tips that you can employ to enjoy the warmer weather without being constantly harassed by these flying pests. 

Use the following four tips devised by Twin-Boro to get rid of mosquitoes. 



Apply Mosquito Repellent 


This tip seems rather self-explanatory, but it’s easy to forget. Many people know about mosquito repellents but fail to apply them daily. Mosquitos seem to be attracted to certain people more than others, and if you feel like you can never catch a break from the bites, buying a good repellent is the first logical step to keeping mosquitos at bay.

There are many good options on the market if you’re looking to do a bit of shopping. The best type of mosquito repellent are those that are 100% DEET. These types of repellents do not always have to be applied directly to the skin but can be sprayed or rubbed on clothes instead. When applying repellent try and cover as much of your clothes or skin as possible. The more surface area that you cover, the fewer attacking spots there will be for mosquitoes to attack. 


mosquito smoke


Keep Your Yard Clean and Tidy 


Like many other pests and rodents, mosquitoes are attracted to sources of water and food. This means that if you have an untidy or dirty outside area, it’s more likely that your home will be targeted by these insects. This could become a problem, because mosquitoes only come out in the warmer months when people spend more time in gardens and yards, often leaving a bit of debris or water out in the open. You’ll need to remain conscious of these issues if you’re trying to repel mosquitoes.

You should always remember to clean out gutters, trim long grass, pick up food waste, and mop up any open puddles of water. Tipping up kids’ toys after a rainfall is also a good idea, as is checking plant pots for any pools of water.

Doing this periodically will not only deter pests but it will also help keep your property in tip-top condition. Vigilance is needed to keep up with this strategy, but it will pay off.


Invest In Mosquito Repelling Plants 


As has proven true for just about any strategy in life, there’s always a natural solution to your problems. In the case of mosquitoes, it will require you to do some DIY gardening work. Many plants on the market have proven to be excellent mosquito repellents, and these should be used to your advantage if your home is under attack. 

Plants like citronella and marigolds are excellent choices if you’re looking to employ this strategy successfully. New Jersey might not always have the best climate for these plants, but if you follow a good regime for upkeep and watering, there’s no reason that these plants won’t keep mosquitoes at bay. A few less potent, yet still functional options include plants like peppermint, basil, and lavender, all of which help to create a beautiful garden and a strong defense against mosquito infestations. 



Call In The Professionals


What you need to remember about pest control is that you’re not alone. There are many trained professionals that know how to deal with getting rid of infestations. 

When it comes to protecting homes against mosquitoes, many pest control companies employ what is known as a barrier treatment, whereby barriers and defenses are set up in yards and gardens to repel insects. 

At Twin-Boro there are many options available, including regular mosquito treatments that are implemented in the spring and summer months. It might be wise to make use of the options available, as they can save you time – and the suffering you’ll incur if your home remedies fail. 

Mosquitoes have proven to be a huge problem, not only in New Jersey, but all around the world. However, they certainly are not something that you need to suffer with though. Use the strategies listed above to protect yourself and your family now! 

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