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Category: Pest Facts

Pests can be considered a nuisance and many people tend to stay away from them, however there are so many interesting facts regarding pests which many people haven't heard about. Browse through our selection of articles and get ready to discover some really cool pest facts.
ant carrying leaf
Interesting Facts about Ants

Think you know all there is to know about ants? Ants aren’t just tiny bugs that...

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10 Facts about Ticks

Most people think of ticks as bloodsucking creepy crawlies that spread Lyme disease,...

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rats in the grass
Casting Light on Common Pest Myths

When it comes to pests and pest control, there are many myths and misconceptions....

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What Happens To Mosquitoes In Winter?

With fall bringing with it cooler temperatures you can thankfully bid farewell...

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13 Facts About Mosquitoes ̶ The Most Deadliest Pest In The World

No one would ever claim to like mosquitoes, but there’s no denying that these...

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Interesting Facts About Bats

We all know bats as the typical Halloween mascot or the creepy winged creatures...

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Springtail Facts: Exploring the Wonders of These Tiny Jumping Creatures

While they may sound sweet and a sign of summery weather on the horizon, springtails...

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Facts About Termites: The Basics You Should Know

Termites are certainly one of the more costly pests to have in a home or business....

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American map
Discover The US States With The Most Pests

Pests such as cockroaches, rats, ticks, and mosquitoes are not unique to New Jersey....

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mosquito biting
4 Harmful Spring Bugs To Watch Out For In New Jersey

After an icy winter, spring is always welcomed in New Jersey. However, warmer...

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