Bugs In The Winter: Pest Control Tips and Tricks

October 26, 2022

New Jersey is one of the coldest states in the country during the winter season. But while many people consider summer as the most difficult pest control season, they often overlook the danger of infestations during the icy months of winter. As a result, winter bugs, insects, and rodents tend to cause more havoc than necessary during the colder months. 


Insects and bugs seek shelter from the harsh weather, and if you don’t implement the right pest control measures, you could easily find yourself with an infestation. Ants, roaches, and spiders are particularly popular in New Jersey and getting rid of them isn’t always easy. 


The following tips and tricks will help you keep insect numbers low during winter. 

  • Keep Your Food Out Of Sight!

Insects, just like humans, need extra food during the colder months to keep their energy levels high. Without a steady supply of food, insects will most likely die out during the winter. 


Bugs are food-driven creatures and will flock to anywhere where there might be a reliable food source. It’s thus essential that you keep your food in sealed containers or in the fridge in winter – unless you don’t mind sharing it with an insect or two. 


When pests find a home with easy access to food or water they generally tend to nest and breed there until the food source is depleted. By removing any food sources and ensuring your faucets don’t drip, you will make your home difficult for the insects to survive in. 


Sweep up your floors, seal up any foods on the counters, inspect your pantry on occasion, and be sure to keep it clean. Most importantly, keep your trash cans covered and keep any full trash bags well away from your home entry points. 


  • Block Any And All Entry Spots To Your Home

People who are stuck with insects and pests in their homes always ask the question, “how should we get rid of this infestation”. This question should only be asked when all else has failed. The question you should be asking before the infestation even happens is, “how can we keep pests out of our home”. The answer is quite simple: make it difficult for them to get in, in the first place.


Firstly, you’ll need to check all the doors in your home and make sure they are sealed tight. Small pests like ants will use any little crack or entryway to enter your house. If you see any daylight creeping in through a crevasse of the door, do all you can to cover that entry point up. Do the same for any windows or other openings that your home might have. Preventative pest measures are far more important than extermination or removal methods – if you can properly prevent them, then you’ll rarely have to exterminate them. 


  • Trim Your Hedges And Cut Your Treelines 

Moving away from the important preventative measures mentioned above, an important tip for controlling the pests that live around your property is to curtail and keep nature in check. During winter, many of the bugs who can’t get into your house use trees and bark to build themselves little nests. They often do this on your property because there’s a source of food or water. 


Be warned. Living in your trees is often a precursor to moving into your house. By cutting trees back and removing shrubbery, you’ll make your property difficult to inhabit for many of the bugs that would otherwise nest there.


  • If All Else Fails, Contact A Professional Pest Control Company

Dealing with bug and insect issues is never an easy job, especially if you’re someone who hasn’t been trained in pest prevention, control, and extermination. More and more people are realizing that these kinds of jobs are best left to the professionals. During the harsh months of winter, doing your own pest removal is often even more difficult. It may be best to contact a professional or invest in preventative residential pest control services, like the ones offered by Twin-Boro. 


Twin-Boro’s pest control specialists are trained in pest prevention and extermination and will come out to your property and carry out the necessary services, rain or shine. Our specialists know how to deal with different types of bug infestations, they know the weaknesses related to each species of pest, and they know the best practices to prevent further trouble. 


The winter months are often the busiest for the pest control industry in New Jersey, and Twin-Boro is ready to come to your rescue whenever you may need a helping hand. Make sure your home is safe and comfortable for you and you only this winter, not for the bugs!