Foolproof Ways To Treat And Prevent A Termite Infestation In Your Home

August 15, 2022

In the summer months, we may be inclined to spend more time outdoors and put that patio furniture to good use. But a sure way to spoil the mood is when you notice that all of your wooden furniture is infested with termites. And if they’re in your furniture, they’re most likely in your deck, your door and window frames and any other wood inside or outside your home. 


Termites are the most destructive of all pests and can cause homeowners a great deal of stress. In New Jersey alone, termites can affect a whopping 20% of households at any one time. How then do you get rid of them, or ensure they don’t become a problem in the first place?


How To Tell If You Have Termites 


If you notice little dust piles next to your wooden furniture, fittings, or finishings accompanied by small precise holes then unfortunately you have a termite problem. 


It can be a real shame to see an antique piece of furniture or expensive wood accents being tarnished by termites. The little holes these termites make are called shelter tubes, and you’ll likely be able to spot them before you even lay eyes on a live termite. 


If You Do Spot A Mite, What Does It Look Like?


Termites look a lot like flying ants and appear pretty tiny and harmless. They have wings and small bodies but the way you can spot a termite is by its antenna. The antenna of a flying ant is slightly bent whereas the termites’ are not. 


Termites can be white, black, or brown so be on the lookout for those colors. You’ll likely only start seeing the actual mites when the problem is serious, as their usually buried in the holes that they’ve created. They’ll also burrow themselves in places that are dark or ignored, so it might take a while for you to notice them. 


Where Do Termites Cause Damage? 


Termites cause the most harm when they are present in the wooden furnishings or flooring of your home. Termites tend to be attracted to damp, dark areas where wood is present which is why antique furnishings often attract mites. If your home has wooden floors or walls, this is also a prime spot for the mites, especially if the foundations are old. 


The most obvious sign of termites is the little holes in the wood, but the wood will also change to a different color. If the area is covered by paint, you’ll start to notice it bubbling and it can often be mistaken for water damage. 


termites in natural environment

How To Prevent Termites 


As with any pest, termites can be terminated once spotted. Seeking the help of a professional pest control service will be in your favor and a good team will have those mites out in no time. However, termites can cause irreparable damage to sentimental or expensive wooden items in your home. This damage can’t be reversed and you’ll have to pay extra for repairs. That’s why it’s always best to prevent the infestation from happening before serious damage is done. 


Get rid of water sources: The first thing you want to consider is available water sources for the pests. This will help prevent termites and other pests. Water is key for the survival and breeding of termites and pests, so where there’s a puddle or leaky pipe, you may start to notice an infestation. Make sure to have no unnecessary water sources exposed.


Swap out your mulch: Termites can also be attracted to mulch that may be present in your shrubbery or flower beds on your property. Having a lush garden may look great for the summer, but when things aren’t properly taken care of this can easily attract all sorts of pests, especially termites. Termites love to eat mulch, and it’s also a great water source. Try replacing it with rubber mulch instead and you may notice a difference. 


Call on the professionals: Nobody knows termites like a professional, which is why this is always the best and most effective strategy to take to prevent a potentially damaging infestation. As a homeowner, you’ll want to get a New Jersey-based pest control service like Twin-Boro to thoroughly check out your premises for any potential pest hot spots. They’ll promptly let you know where the problem is or where it will be in the future. 


Treating A Termite Infestation


If these pests have already made themselves comfortable in your home, there are some quick and easy ways to get rid of them. Once you’ve followed all the previously mentioned steps, you can explore options on termite fumigation. 


Seeking help from a professional is the fastest and easiest way to solve the problem in the long term. They will evaluate the area to make sure you haven’t missed any potential breeding grounds for the mites and then safely fumigate the area. You’ll want this done by a pro, as fumigation can be damaging if done incorrectly. 


You may have noticed termites cropping up more prominently in the New Jersey springtime, but they are around all year long. Thanks to their tiny size and indiscernible nature, homeowners will only notice they have a termite problem when it’s too late and significant damage has been done. You’ll want to avoid this as integral damage to wooden structures or furnishings can be expensive to fix. 

When you call on a trustworthy pest control service like Twin-Boro, you can be sure that there are no pests hiding under your nose.


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