Identifying Signs of Cockroach Infestations

November 1, 2022

Cockroaches with their sneaky habits must be most homeowners’ pet peeve. They are hardy and tough, and they can go hungry and survive for long periods of time. These flying insects with long feelers can go undetected for ages, and often, homeowners are unaware they have a cockroach infestation until their home is overrun with them.


Why Cockroaches Need To Be Dealt With Fast


Dealing with a cockroach infestation early and quickly is important as they carry bacteria that can make you ill. From triggering allergies to more serious health issues such as salmonella and dysentery, cockroaches carry some serious germs and parasitic worms. Remember that it is very likely that cockroaches have traveled through dirty sewers, piles of decaying food and garbage piles and other unhealthy environments before they invaded your home. There is no such thing as a clean and healthy cockroach.


Where Do You Find Cockroaches?


Cockroaches are nocturnal and love dark, warm, and moist spaces. They are most often found near sinks and drains and under large appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. They have brown slightly flattened bodies, waxy looking wings, and long feelers. They are experts at fitting into really small and tight places to escape your detection.


Rooms in your home to check include the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry areas, attics, basements, and utility rooms – everywhere basically! 


Cockroaches in New Jersey


There are two types of cockroaches typically found in New Jersey, the German cockroach, and the American cockroach. American cockroaches are reddish brown and are quite large whereas the German cockroach is smaller and a lighter brown with two dark brown horizontal stripes behind their heads.


Luckily there are signs you can look for in your home to tell if you have a cockroach infestation. Some are easier to spot than others and this guide will assist you to recognize the signs of an infestation.


Roaches In Your ‘Hood


If cockroaches are a neighborhood problem, then be aware it is highly likely they will move in their search for food. They favor dark and warm spaces, which is why in warmer states they are a problem throughout. Late summer is the worst season for these adaptable insects with infestations becoming a state-wide problem.


Simple steps to avoid a cockroach infestation include taking out the trash regularly and wiping counters and food preparation areas down to get rid of crumbs and left-over food particles. Other preventative pest control steps are sweeping and vacuuming often. But be aware that even the cleanest homes get infested with cockroaches. The trick is to eliminate any source of food for them.


Infestation Signs


  • Cockroach Droppings


Cockroach droppings look a lot like coffee grinds or ground black pepper and are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for.


If you do find droppings, it’s important to get rid of them with either sweeping or vacuuming. Also don’t forget to sanitize the area after you have got rid of the droppings to kill any bacteria they leave behind.


  • Stale Oil Smell


In a heavily infested area, you may notice a musty and stale oil smell. If you come across this odor, then it’s highly likely you have a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches emit this smell as they have a high concentration of fatty acids in their bodies.


  • Cockroach Eggs


Female cockroaches lay their eggs in casings which look like very small, dried kidney beans that are light in color. If the female cockroaches are laying eggs, this is a sure sign there is a nest and you have a cockroach infestation.


  • Finding Dead Cockroaches


Cockroaches vary in size. The size of New Jersey cockroaches is slightly smaller than average at around 2 inches. If you find shed wings, legs and other body parts, or even whole dead cockroaches, this is a sure sign you have a cockroach infestation.


Dark brown smear marks on walls and other surfaces are also a tell-tale sign of cockroaches.


Just because you find dead cockroaches, don’t assume they are dying off and the infestation will go away. Finding just one or two dead cockroaches means there are hundreds of others hiding away in dark and warm places.


Act Early To Prevent An Infestation


Immediate action cannot be emphasized enough when dealing with a cockroach infestation. Breeding females such as the German cockroach can produce 10,000 baby cockroaches in a single year.


When you see signs of a cockroach infestation, don’t hesitate to contact a professional pest control company like Twin-Boro. Our pest control team has the expertise and years of experience to know exactly how to deal with these insects and stop them in their tracks – for good.