Interest In Home Improvement Grows Across The US

August 23, 2022

Our homes are our refuges, a place to retreat and escape the chaos and craziness of life. Your home is also usually the biggest investment that you’ll make in your lifetime.


As people spent the Covid-19 lockdowns confined to their homes, their interest grew in overall home improvement such as gardening, interior design, pest control and cleaning. All across America and the rest of the world, people became more home conscious.


In fact, the surge in interest in being home conscious was so remarkable that in 2021, a study analyzing Google search trends was conducted. The study revealed which US states were the most house-proud over a range of categories of home improvement.


Here’s what the study revealed.


Top Home Improvement States


The top 10 US states registering the most searches for overall home improvement were from first to last:


  1. Delaware
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. Virginia
  5. New Jersey
  6. Maryland
  7. New York
  8. Washington
  9. California
  10. Arizona


Gardening On The Rise


Gardening was the most popular home activity by far with interest growing to 185% in 2021 compared to 2019. Residents in Hawaii listed gardening as their top interest, which is not surprising given the islands’ superb climate. Delaware follows in 2 place, with Washington in third.


Interestingly the study showed that interest in gardening sky-rocketed during the pandemic. Suddenly people were looking to cultivate vegetable gardens. California, Texas, and Florida had the highest search volume increase. The percentages are astounding. Interest in gardening grew by 1500% in California, 1100% in Texas and 890% in Florida.


Boy and man working in the garden


Increased Home Improvement Focus


Regarding home improvement, Delaware holds first place followed by Texas in second place and South Carolina in third.


Homeowners interested in pest control services are concentrated in Delaware, Florida, and Georgia. All share a warm and humid climate.


Residents who value cleaning came top of the list in Delaware, then Kansas, followed by New Jersey. Of note, the interest in the cleaning category declined in 2021, down by 45% compared to 2020.


Conversely, during the hard lockdown, people in different states started searching how to clean their homes more deeply. California’s residents’ interest rose by 710% followed by Texas with 500% and Florida at 280%.


Pests and critters love a warm and humid climate. Residents of Florida are the second most likely US citizens to search for pest control services. Delaware again tops the list with Georgia in third place. All have warm and humid climates.


From the study it is clear that Delaware residents show the most interest in overall home improvement, including pest control services.


California has seen a 700% increase in residents searching for pest control services with Texans coming second with a 500% increase. Florida held third place at 400% followed by New York at 300%.


Interior Design On The Up


A huge surge in interest in the interior design category was also evident with a 110% increase in appeal in 2021 compared to 2019. Again, this was due to people being confined to their homes and the new desire to merge work and home life in the most comfortable way.


The girl in the room 


The top interest in interior design shown by searches came from Delaware, followed by New York and then Virginia. In New York the interest in interior design swelled by 450%. This was eclipsed by California, where the interest grew by 1200%.



The Covid-19 pandemic has made irreversible changes to the way we live and our relationships with our homes. It’s changed our perceptions and the way we live. From an increased focus on residential pest control to a new interest in interior design, Americans are more house proud than ever before.

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