Is preventive pest control worth it?

December 20, 2022

It is vital that you properly maintain your home, creating well-organized spaces that benefit and better your lifestyle. But there is something many homeowners forget when it comes to maintaining a great living space and that’s pest control. It’s important to have regular pest control services on your property, preventing any possible pest damage and health issues that can quickly arise from a pest infestation.


With this in mind, it is important you prep your home and keep it safe from any possible pest issue – as they say, prevention is better than cure!


Below, we outline why investing in year-on-year pest control services for your home is important.


Prevent Property Damage

There are numerous pests that can infiltrate your home and before you know it, you are dealing with massive property damage. New Jersey residents struggle with silverfish, which gravitate toward photographs – destroying many a personal item. Then there are termites and carpenter ants that can cause immense structural damage to your property and pesky raccoons who will scour through your bins and make homes in your crawl spaces – the list goes on.


By putting the right preventative measures in place, you are protecting your property, your belongings and even your most treasured memories.


Pest Control to Protects your Pets


There is no purer love than the love of a pet and protecting them should always be a priority. Pests can harm your pets if they begin to take residency in your home. The kinds of pests that can cause the most damage include black widow spiders, mosquitoes and ticks. Cockroaches are also dangerous and can quickly spread germs and bacteria while rodents carry all sorts of diseases. 


Pest control will be able to deter these harmful creatures from entering your home and harming your beloved pets.


Pest Control to Protect your Family


Pests carry diseases and bacteria and can pass on some of these to humans. For example, many rodents carry hantavirus and if contracted by humans, the disease can lead to kidney failure. Pests can also contaminate food without you knowing – leading to the spread of disease or the destruction of non-perishables – costing you a lot of money in the process.


Pest control services will work to prevent your home from being infested, protecting your family from the possible dangers associated with pests. 


DIY Pest Control isn’t the Answer


There are many pest control products that can be purchased over the counter, and these products have very good branding. Just because the branding and messaging of these products are great, doesn’t mean the product is actually great in reality. Most of these products will ease the problems for a few days but they will not keep the pests away. Twin-Boro Termite and Pest Control will put preventative measures in place to protect you, your family and your pets from any harm associated with pests.


Consistent home maintenance is key and will save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. Contact Twin-Boro for all your termite and pest maintenance requirements today.


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