Pest Control Prep Form for Restaurants

November 15, 2022

Pest control is vital for any business, but especially for those in the food service and hospitality industries. With strict health codes to abide by, a single pest or a few insects could cost you customers and even your business. This is why it’s important you call in the experts to inspect your restaurant, prevent pests and remove any possible pest infestations from the vicinity. 


Below, we take a look at how you can prep your restaurant for pest control services.

Make your Restaurant Accessible

  • Make sure we have access to all areas of your restaurant. This includes offices, break rooms, garbage areas, locker rooms and storage areas
  • Ask staff to place personal items away in lockers or take them home for the inspection


Prep the Bar Area

  • Clean your entire bar area. This includes equipment and all areas below the bar
  • Put all garnishes and food away
  • Remove all bottles, condiments, utensils glassware and dishware and place them on the top of the bar and cover these items with sheets, garbage bags or plastic
  • Cover all beer taps and cover any open nozzles and ice bins


Prep the Dining Area

  • Clean the entire area, from under the tables and booths to all surfaces of the wait stations
  • Pull up all booth seats 
  • Remove any items that are being stored below seats and tables
  • Move all dishware, menus, silverware, tablecloths and holders and place them on one countertop or table 
  • Cover all of these items with plastic wrap, garbage bags, or plastic sheets


Prep the Kitchen


  • Make sure to put away all ingredients and foods
  • Clean the kitchen area thoroughly including behind the counter and under all equipment 
  • If possible, move equipment 18 – 24 inches away from the wall. This includes shelves and storage racks
  • As with all other areas, remove all condiments, silverware, dishware, and utensils and move them to a single countertop
  • Remove all items from wheeled carts and place them on the same countertop
  • Cover all items on the countertop with plastic wrap, garbage bags, or plastic sheets
  • Make sure to cover all items on the shelving that have been moved from the wall. This includes the bottom of the items as well.
  • Cover metal trays and fryers – and make sure that there is no oil exposed
  • Cover ice bins or empty ice bins
  • Cover all drink dispensers



NOTE: When it comes to placing plastic covers or garbage bags over your items, make sure that the plastic is tucked under the items and around the edges – this ensures that all items are protected.

Twin-Boro Pest Protection offers regular treatments, providing you with year-round protection from pests. Contact the Twin-Boro professionals for all your restaurant pest control requirements.